On behalf of my colleagues at Adams Communication & Engineering Technology (ACET), I would like to welcome you to our website. I hope that, as you explore our site, you will gain a greater insight into the ACET culture, what we do and how we go about it. Any company has the potential to be more than a collection of people who show up and do their work. At ACET, we are keenly aware that our success rests on our employees and their continued commitment to fulfilling our Mission – one that we believe in and act on every day, on every project, with every client, and with our colleagues within the firm:  Exceptional People! Exceptional Service! Exceptional Solutions!

Exceptional people who thrive on challenges are the foundation for our success.

Over the past four years, ACET has experienced growth in adjacent markets and customers. This expansion can be directly contributed to our employees’ inquisitive intelligence and their sincere passion for what they do. People who excelled in their studies, and now excel in practice. At ACET, our people relish working with others, who are only satisfied with a job superbly done, and who measure their success by the success of their end customer.

Exceptional service is the path to our success.

It begins with a genuine interest in understanding what our clients’ desire – their businesses, needs and objectives – how they think and what they care about. We use this insight to become a key ally in accomplishing their goals and objectives – with relentless vigor, attentiveness, respect, creativity and perseverance. 

Exceptional solutions are the measure of our success.

Client satisfaction is the ultimate objective for everyone at ACET. To achieve outcomes that matter, ACET ensures that our clients’ business needs are expertly solved – to know that each job has been accomplished in a way that goes beyond expectations. We earn tomorrow’s assignments through today’s performance.

Please enjoy our website. We hope that it provides you with both the information and assurance you need to further your relationship with ACET.


Charles M. Adams 
Chief Executive Officer