ACET Environmental Policy Statement
ACET strives to make our operations as reliable and effective as possible. Our strategic management of environmental resources achieves a positive effect on the bottom line, helps manage risk, inspires ways to help our clients succeed, and supports our communities around the world.

Environmental Sustainability Statement
ACET’s commitment to corporate social responsibility includes the environmentally prudent management of our facilities around the world; collaboration with suppliers to improve our indirect environmental impacts; environmental programs; and education for employees.

Our Environmental Sustainability Commitments

  • Measure, monitor, and reduce our electrical energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions at properties under company control.
  • Incorporate sustainable design into new and retrofit construction projects, as well as operations and maintenance programs to improve efficiency and environmental performance of our offices.
  • Monitor, measure, and reduce our water consumption through improved water efficiency at properties under company control.
  • Increase quantities of waste diverted from landfill, through increased recycling, and alternative waste management solutions.
  • Collaborate with key suppliers to increase purchase and use of products/ services that reduce our indirect impacts on the environment.
  • Track, measure, and decrease our global paper consumption through reduction programs and technology efficiencies.
  • Continue education programs to raise employee awareness of environmental issues and promote responsible behavior, thereby helping employees to positively impact the environment in their work lives.