Locking the backdoor, standing guard at the front.


The protection of an enterprise’s IT infrastructure and its intellectual property is paramount to success in today’s federal and commercial business environments.  There is a persistent threat from foreign adversaries, insider threats, criminals, and terrorists to steal U.S. intellectual property.  ACET’s experience on numerous contracts have shown that our processes ensure effective delivery on a multitude of services.

ACET subject matter experts have extensive experience managing comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. Together, ACET provides the team you need to sustain a full system life cycle – including associated planning, management, operations, and sustainment activities.

Applicable Programs include Enterprise Operations Center Defense, Computer Network Defense, Risk Management Framework, Authorization and Accreditation.  Customers include the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the US Navy, Air National Guard, the Department of Defense (DoD), and the Intelligence Community (IC).

Cybersecurity Management

Offensive Cyber

Host Based Security Systems

Risk Management Framework and Information Systems Security

Network Operations Cyber Defense & Analysis