May 23, 2017 Ariel Adams

ACET Achieves CMMI DEV/3 Appraisal

Aberdeen Proving Grounds (APG), MD – May, 2017 — Adams Communication & Engineering Technology, Inc. (ACET), has achieved Maturity Level III and CMMI DEV/3 appraisal.  This represents ACET’s commitment to excellence in our policies, procedures, and practices.

ACET is proud to also announce that the company received all green levels and completed Levels 0-3 in one appraisal – a rare achievement.  Appraisers specifically recognized the ACET SYSTEM as one of the best they’ve encountered throughout the hundreds of appraisals conducted each year.  In addition, they recognized ACET’s Enterprise SharePoint environment as an essential component to the company’s success in achieving certification.

All of the above site collections include automated workflows, custom solutions, and integrated business processes that allow ACET employees to efficiently access information, work collaboratively with each other and partners/customers, review documents, and view up-to-date information on work products and business opportunities.  The entire system reflects over 5 years of development aimed at streamlining all business activities from pre-sale through award and successful delivery of work products.  The result is a system that facilitates quality work, best practices, meets and exceeds ISO and CMMI Service Management Controls, Artifact Management, Risk Management, Change Management and Management Review requirements and lays the groundwork for successful program management and execution.

“The key to success is the right people, the advanced tools, and the most effective processes.  ACET continues to provide the best of all three.  Our CMMI assessments as well as our ISO certifications are the result of a dedicated team of professions with a customer focus.”  said Michael Seldes, ACET’s Chief Operating Officer.

ACET is a Veteran-Owned Small business, with multiple offices including Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD; Reston, VA; and headquarters in Waldorf, MD.  ACET provides system engineering and integration methods, techniques and tools to help Intelligence, Defense, and Civil agencies build, integrate, operate and maintain equipment, information and systems.