R2-3G was established to provide services to include, technology insertion, system integration/installation, fabrication/prototyping, testing/certification, studies/analyses, logistics support, training and engineering support, including re-engineering and reverse engineering for a range of equipment and antiterrorism technology.  The services required support all new and existing platforms, systems, subsystems, and items.

As a R2-3G prime contractor, ACET is prepared to meet the challenges required to achieve the world-class success demanded of an R2-3G prime contractor. We’ve assembled a first class team of large and small businesses capable of satisfying the entire scope of the R2-3G performance work statement. Our R2-3G Project Office consists of talented acquisition professionals who have been associated with the R2 program since its inception. Through our experience, guidance and initiative, the ACET R2-3G team provides an integrated and efficient solution to the complex challenges presented by the federal acquisition community.

Currently, ACET is #2 in total contracted value performed, $1.2B of total $6.4B of contracted value; effectively receiving and performing near 20% of the contracted work.


  • Technology Insertion, Systems Integration, and Systems Engineering
  • Software Engineering that ensures fully functional life-cycle
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Installation of Hardware/Software/Firmware
  • Test and Evaluation, including development, execution, evaluation, and documentation of test programs, plans, and procedures
    • Hardware and Software Component
    • Subsystem and System Level Development
    • System Compatibility
    • Acceptance Testing
    • Functional Testing
    • Integration Testing
    • Full Qualification Testing
    • Field Testing and Evaluation
    • Environmental Tests and Stress Screening
    • Electromagnetic Interference Testing, Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing and TEMPEST
    • Flight Testing
    • Airworthiness Testing
  • Acquisition of all Certifications Necessary
  • Studies and Analyses
  • Technical Data Management
    • Product Data
    • Configuration Management
    • Modeling and Simulation
  • Logistics Support
    • Operation, Maintenance, and Repair
    • Integrated Logistics Support
    • Painting, Coating, Sealing, and Preservation
    • Publications
    • Logistics Support Analyses
    • Preservation, Packing, and Marking
    • Total Package Fielding (TPF)/Unit Set Fielding (USF)
    • Customer Assistance and Technical Support
    • Depot Maintenance Program
  • Training and Exercise Support
  • Acquisition Support
  • Construction Support
  • Army Team C4ISR Relocation Services