ACET believes strongly in the skills and abilities of its nation’s military force. As a result of this belief, the ACET Veteran Hiring Program was established in 2011. This program actively seeks out and recruits qualified United States (US) Military Service men and women to fill various technical and administrative job-related roles as a means to both transition into and advance civilian careers. Additionally, this program helps to sustain Veteran families while providing improved medical IT services to the VA.

ACET affirms that hiring Veterans is one of the best decisions made within the company, especially given that ACET itself is Veteran-owned. ACET understands first-hand that US Service men and women are natural leaders, quick learners, team players, focused, and most of all, loyal employees. Due to time spent among the US Military ranks, Veteran’s become strong leaders, exhibit discipline, and possess an overall passion for service. In ACET’s estimation and direct experience, this continues to make for the ideal employee.

Program Highlights:

  • Commitment to Corporate-level hiring of Qualified Veterans across all current and future openings
  • Deep understanding of the importance related to mission and goals for hiring Veterans through trained and knowledgeable recruiting staff
  • Collaborative relationships with Military Transition Offices/Transition Assistance Programs
  • Well-established partnerships with Veteran Service Organizations:
    • US Department of Veteran Affairs – Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment
    • LA Mayor’s Office – Council on Veterans Affairs – “10,000” Strong Hiring Initiative
    • Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Program