At ACET, we understand that it’s not what we say about ourselves that counts. It’s what those who know us say about us. And it’s what we do. Therefore, we strive to be true to our founding principles, and to act on them in everything we do, every day.

Our Commitment to Clients
We have a core commitment to clients. We express this commitment by learning everything we can about the sectors and clients we serve, cultivating a strong understanding of their businesses, objectives and challenges. We focus our professional capabilities not on what we might like to ‘sell’, but on how our expertise and capabilities can best be matched to our clients’ evolving needs. We realize that every assignment is our chance to earn the next one.

Our Commitment to Our People
Our commitment to clients is made possible by recruiting, retaining and rewarding the finest staff at all levels. Our client focus has driven a company culture that places a premium on flexibility, innovation, cooperation and ‘going the extra mile’.

Our Commitment to Teamwork
The strong linkage between our clients’ success and our own has also nurtured our allegiance to collaboration – usually the best way to achieve breakthrough results in record-breaking time. Teams and teamwork are essential in every dimension of our activity – within and between professional disciplines, between geographies, between professional, support and administrative staff, and with our clients, who we hope see us as partners rather than merely service providers.

Our Commitment to Ethical Business
Exemplary standards of business ethics and practice have been ACET hallmarks since our beginning. Honesty, integrity and social responsibility are at the heart of our business and reputation. As we have grown, we have taken care to articulate clear and consistent policies, expectations and behaviors throughout the firm by our ongoing commitment to Business Ethics. Safeguarding the confidentiality of our clients and their information, and complying fully with the letter and spirit of the laws and ethical principles that govern us and give meaning to our effort.

We strive to maintain an environment of exceptional solutions’ within ACET that meets our own high expectations and breeds the superior results our clients consistently expect of us. It’s what drives our long-standing company mission.