Adams Communication & Engineering Technology


ACET WINS $1.9M T4 Task Order for Clinical Decision Support (CDS)

Publication Date: 2012-09-27

ACET will provide clinical decision support services to the Office of Informatics & Analytics Health Informatics. The Clinical Decision Support services shall address the following four (4) task groups:

Task Group 1: Analyze VA’s CDS evaluation lab environment and configure a clinical decision support technology evaluation environment to be used as a “safe harbor” to mitigate risk and optimize benefits of emerging CDS HIT prior to use in Veterans Health Care. Once the initial environment is configured, the Contractor shall incrementally integrate and deliver a flexible multi-technology CDS evaluation environment composed of interconnected data sources, data marshaling tools, CDS authoring and execution environments and interfaces to end users and other systems.


Task Group 2: Develop tools that enhance the identification and sharing of VA CDS best practices in order to rapidly improve healthcare quality, safety and value.


Task Group 3: Provide CDS work flow integration analysis and documentation for: 1. Three (3) distinct types of work flow:

a) Information and decision flows,

b) Process/task flows, and

c) Logistical and team management flows.


2. Use a VA developed tool to evaluate CDS workflow integration issues in representative sites within VA.


Task Group 4:

Develop service interface specifications for the following three (3) CDS services:

1. Event Subscription and Notification Service;

2. Order Placement Service; and

3. User Communication Service.


These service specifications shall be able to serve as a starting point for standardization through the Health Level Seven (HL7) Object Management Group (OMG) HL7-OMG Healthcare Service Specification Project.